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If You Love Me You Will Join...

Date Last Posted: First Time Post
Format: Journal
Genre: Star Wars: Alternate Universe
Name: Foundations Of The Empire
Contact: Sar: maidrostall@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/foundations_rpg
Minimum Age Requirement: None, Maturity is a plus
Deadline: none, I'd just like more players soon so we can do more things

Specific Requirements: I ask that players post once every two weeks, are familiar with the basic Star Wars "canon" (ie; that they have seen the movies, though any EU knowledge is a plus and EU series characters such as Bant, are allowed) I also ask that potential players are willing to accept the AU elements of our game.
Game Description:

At the beginning of the Clone Wars, Master Yoda had an idea. Special holonet datapads connected to all Jedi were issued as a means to communicate between battles. But they weren't always used that way. Shortly after the project was announced other official groups connected to the Jedi found the idea beneficial and soon the senate and various others had picked up on the idea, and even a few sith managed to get their hands on them....

We begin at the onset of the Clone Wars, right after Genosis. Padme Amidala has been sent back to Naboo with an escort other than Anakin Skywalker who managed to have complications with his roboclaw and got left in the Clinic longer than he'd have liked, though he loves her deeply and plans to marry her whenever he can. At the moment his focus is on changing the Code in order to allow them the chance to do this legally. (Our Anakin has a bit more of a brain and political focus than canon! Ani, Not much, because he's floundering in it, but still...)

For the rest of the Jedi, life goes on as best it can in a war. Battles are fought and lost or won, victories celebrated, defeats mourned, padawans and initiates still get up to mischief, bounty hunters and smugglers forge what alliances they can...The Ghost of Qui-Gon Jinn makes an appearance, Senators struggle with the questions posed by the new threat, and our game begins...
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